About Us


Having been born and raised in Germany, I learned from a very young age the importance of efficiency and discipline. To this day I believe that being on time and reliable is not only a mark of good character, but of respect for the client and their time.
Very early on in my life I developed an interest in design and construction. I would spend long evenings sketching out variations of my dream home with an excitement that hasn't left me to this day. I also helped my parents renovate our old house they had inherited from my great-grandparents. Everyone thought I would become an architect. I didn’t, of course, but I did marry one.
Following secondary school, where I excelled in English and mathematics, I was conscripted into the military for a compulsory term of service. While not a direction I would have naturally chosen, the hard work and teamwork was influential in my development and, in hindsight, a very valuable experience. Upon completion of my military service I was accepted at Humboldt University in Berlin. To attend this prestigious university, where Einstein had worked and taught, had been a dream of mine since I was a small child. Little did I know that my studies in geography and mathematics, and my love of the English language would first end up taking me to England to teach at a comprehensive school and eventually to Canada, which I now call home.
In 2011 I finished a teaching degree and started working at an inner-city school in Berlin. Working with so many young kids was one of the most challenging experiences of my life, my selling and negotiation skills were certainly tested every day, as was my patience, but I absolutely loved it. Most unexpectedly, it was then that I first met my future spouse at one of my favourite bars. We hit it off, and as anyone in a similar situation might understand, the decision to move to Canada was difficult but ultimately rewarding. I have now been married for five years and have the best job I can imagine.


My passion has always been Fine Art and Design. As Associate Director and Gallery Director, in some of the most prestigious Galleries, my career has been successful and truly fulfilling.

Then as life has a habit of doing, my path took me in a totally different direction; that of Real Estate and my avocation is now my vocation and my consuming passion! I was not new to the field. I obtained my license in Florida and enjoyed the time spent in warmer weather. However, family ties are a strong bond and I returned and continued my work in the Arts. 
It is my distinct pleasure to have partnered with Marcus Wilkinson, a consummate professional. Together, melding our talents, we have formed a successful real estate partnership,  benefiting you... our clients.
We look forward to working with you in the near future..... Selling, Buying, Leasing or Investing.